Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Film of the month


The director of this animated film describes it as "adventure on the scale of Star Wars" Sounds good! In the story, a human girl suddenly shrinks and finds herself in a world of little warriors who need her help. May the force be with her!


Monday, May 6, 2013

9.How to: explain and clarify a situation

Arnau: Hi guys, How was your party?
Pau: Hi Arnau
Francesc: Not bad, thanks. Why do you ask?
Albert: Yes...
Arnau: Because you told me that you were staying in on Saturday
Pau: Who told you that?
Francesc: Júlia said that she'd seen you. How come you didn't tell me about it?
Albert: 'Cause I was only there for a few hours. My sister asked me to take my brother.
Arnau: Are you telling me the truth, Pau?
Pau: Honestly, it's true?
Francesc: Yes, it's true.
Arnau: OK, OK: I believe you. Sorry, Albert.
Pau: That's OK.

8.How to write about an experience

A Happy Ending

This time last year, things weren't going too well for me. One of my friends was moving to the USA and I also had a big argument with my cousin. Friends invited me out, but I didn't really want to see them. I spent a lot of time training roller skating.

Everything changed for me the day I saw a programme about the professional girl, who thought roller skating in Barcelona. I became much more optimistic and enthusiastic. My friends made me realize that I should be a bit more positive. I found out that sportsters in my town were training with a professional girl too, so I started to go there.

These days, I feel much happier. I feel more sociable and useful. If I hadn't seen the programme, I have never had the opportunity.

7.How to: write an opinion essay

Changing laws

The government plans to introduce a new law in our country to introduce school on Saturday mornings in order to improve the level of education. In my view, this would have some negative consequences.

In first place, I belive that the weekends its the part of the week to relax and do everything that you want. So if this law is introduced, I have no doubt that a lot of students will be angry. I also think that this would descriminate students, who aren't all bad and take bad grades.

If the aim of government is to improve the level of education, it seems to me that there's a better alternative: if they spent more money on better schools and institutes, education in our country would be better.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

7.How to: apologize for a misunderstanding

Security Guard 1 ( Arnau) :
Excuse me. Can i have a word with you

Albert: Yes. Is there a problem?
Pau: What hapen?
Security Guard 2 ( Francesc): We're afraid so. Did you know that this is private property?
Albert: No, we didn't.
Security Guard 1 (Arnau): Didn't you see the sign?
Pau: No, we're afraid not.
Security Guard 2 (Francesc):  Have you been here before to rollerblader?
Albert: No, we live out of town, in Serinyà.
Security Guard 1 (Arnau):  Well, if I were you, I'd look for a different place, you can go to Porqueres Skate Park.
Pau: Ok. Sorry about that. I didn't realize.
Security Guard 2 ( Francesc): That's Ok. Remember for next time.

8.How to: console and encourage

Arnau: Hey Albert, you look a bit down. What's the matter?
Albert: Oh, I've just heard that my brother has got a job in London and he's moving away
Pau: Hello. Oh, right. Sorry to hear that. It isn't the end of the world though.
Francesc: Yes, he's right, don't take too badly- at least he won't be very far away and you can visit him. London's a really cool city.
Albert: I know, but I'm really going to miss him.
Arnau: That's true I suppose.
Pau: Look at it this way - if he hadn't got that job, he'd have been really disappointed
Albert: Yeah, maybe you're right.
Francesc: Cheer up! Come on - let's go to a McDonald's or something
Pau: Yes, let's go to have a cheesie!!
Albert: OK. Thanks, Pau. I feel a bit better now

6.How to: discuss a questionnaire

Francesc: Yes,me too. Right, do you usually know what music someone likes from the clothes they wear?
Peter: I think that it's possible but it's very difficult. Not always,no.
Francesc: No, me neither. OK. How about this one do you prefer hang out with a group of friends, or alone?
Peter: I prefer a group.
Francesc: Oh , I don't. I prefer to relax on my own.
Peter: We're a bit different then.
Francesc: It looks like it,yes.
Peter: Yes
Francesc: Thank you for your time! Bye, I see you later.
Peter: Bye Francesc!